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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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if you want more bruce and esther, tune in then. stay with us for "good morning america." and have a wonderful thursday, everybod wake up we're cooking a gourmet breakfast. i'll make a great morning co now "good morning marylandat 4:30. it's a story every parent fears a young girl attacked while walking her dog. where it happened and why police say they've good description of who they think did it. before you eat any fruit today we have an important notice to tell you about. i am linda so, the contaminated fruit linked to a deadly listeria outbreak. and do you have summer vacation blues? looks like you can cheer up because many airlines are lowering cost for fall travel. details coming up. straight ahead good morning maryland i am charley crowson. the weekend is just around the corner just a day away. let's get a check of the forecast on this thursday and maybe a look ahead. say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we have to look back.
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yesterday, we started off with sunshine. we actually had temperatures shoot into the upper 80s. it's not supposed to be that warm. and yes, mother nature is going to take care of that. look at the last image in manchester a sign of the nasty storms that built in during the evening hours. tremendous a lightning and thunder for baltimore county howard and carroll and southern pa but that line stalled right near the city this morning. we have got ourselves upper 60s in sparrows point at 73 annapolis and 63 back towards westminster. frederick getting storms right now. this is maryland's most powerful doppler radar. lightning strikes on top of i- 70 and 270 split in frederick. we will have storms today and a drop in temperatures. we will talk about that next. let's see what's happening on the roads with the first check with tanya. >> reporter: no accidents in baltimore city or baltimore county. harford county has andaccident. this is the live traffic cam 95
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at 175. light traffic in both direction between dorsey and savage but no incidents reported just yet. charley. horrifying story that would give any parent chills a14-year- old girl reportedly sexual assaulted while walking her dog. and sherrie johnson has the latest on where investigators are this morning. sherrie. >> reporter: that's right. we are here in front of the police department in millersville where officers are look for two men in connection with sexually assaulting a 14- year-old girl. look this composit sketch that authorities released. the victim gave police a good description of the men. this all happened on tuesday afternoon just after three in a neighborhood in crofton. police say two young men pulled up in a car and got out and grabbed the girl and sexually assaulted her. now police say the victims' cpt of the attack is credible and don't believe she knew the attackers and the suspect are
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possibly in their early 20s between 5 foot 7 and 5 foot 11 inches tall. one has short brown hair and the other shaggy brown hair. and neighbors say they are very concerned about this incident but they say they are not surprised. >> there's kids walking around here all the time that are high school age, on the phones and hanging out on the playgrounds. that makes me worry because i have a 15-year-old sister. >> reporter: police say the suspects were driving an older four-door red sedan and said the paint was faded. if you have information they said contact anne arundel county police. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. also this morning police are investigating two other cases both involving men allegedly watching young girls. this is the scene on monday. a man in a white van reportedly approached an 11-year-old at bus stop near center roads and asked to give her a ride home but she got away. she told her parents and they called police. police say the second incident
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happened tuesday in annapolis where a 13-year-old girl saw a manhunting-- hiding in the bushes in a quiet waters park. the frightening stories abc2 is working for you and your parents. here are tips to reiterate about strangers. you want to work out a plan so they know what to do if approached by someone. also, tell your kids to walk in groups. and you always encourage them to tell you about strange things they may encounter when they are away from home. two vacant buildings collapsed and some neighbors in south baltimore think the earthquake and heavy rains had something to do with it. right across from the library as first there -- first there was a worry homeless men were inside and they cleared the rubble and for fighters he determined otherwise. here's something you don't see every day supreme court justice sliding down an emergency
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shoot. 78-year-old ruth baiter ginsburg was on a flight between washington and san francisco but was canceled because of engine trouble. everyone including justins ginsburg used the shute to get off. the pilot said he saw smoke and all of the passengers were able to exit the plane safely. [ is done -- barc is done. this is something we are watching for you this morning. right there the brac realignment is done. two ceremonies will take place. and they will highlight the new team. it's taking place with a salute to the many groups arriving in harford county. we are talk about 7200 employees, 120 labs and 80,000 pieces of equipment. according to brac coordinators more than half of the people bought homes in harford and a 1/5 in harford county. new developments on a story we brought you yesterday on the
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missing tanker. authorities in maryland say the stolen tanker carrying more than 3,000 gallons of gasoline has been found in philadelphia. no other details have been released. the f about. i is assisting for the alger oil truck. with close proximity to september 11th anniversary they are taking extra precautioner. and to columbia an arrest has been made in the death of abail bondswoman. dominic mcdonald killed nicole mcnair. he is being held on two million dollar bond. in columbia a man wanted for first degree murderer in stabbing turned himself in. anthony parker is charged with killing phillip weiss tuesday afternoon. witnesses say the two got into a fight on harpers farm road when parker stabbed weiss. parker turned himself in at the howard county police station. it was supposed to happen august 28th but hurricane irene poursed a delay -- forced a
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delay. the new date for the martin luth are king dedication. is google street view capturing more than images than the street you live on. it's story you don't want to miss. you are watching good morning maryland first and only at 5:30. a live look at the inner harbor in baltimore. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. organizers are preparing for a smaller than expected crowd for the rescheduled dedication of the martin luther king memorial. the king memorial foundation and the -- applied for a permit to accommodate 50,000 people at theoctober 16th event a far cry from the quarter million for the original dedication. they think the fact school is in session will play role in smaller crowds. thousands visited the memorial since it was open emergency man officials say personnel visited
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the areas hit hardest by hurricane irene. they ask the u.s. to fund # 5% of the road repairs the damage must cost a minimum dud. [audio not understandable] carroll county official hope the # 0,000 in damages are a factor in total cost and we are picking up the pieces from irene and last week's rain and flooding as well, pretty clear skies for us today right? >> yes my concern is the winds. we had strong winds just under severe limits but storms yesterday we will have more widespread wind today and we could lose a couple trees and could have power outages. so feel the residual effects on the gift that keeps on giving from lee and irene. storms this morning clipping west side of westminster. tawnytown is in the action. hagerstown and we are watching storms towards the mountains. this is the cold front that shows up better on the wider
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view and there's a line of rain into the mountains that will reach us and we will have conditions deteriorate. 66 baltimore. 70 easton but mid-50s in oakland and we will hit the high temperature around lunchtime. 74 the best chance of storms late mornings or early afternoon. windy and falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. it's 4:41. let's go back to the roads with tanya. >> reporter: accident free in baltimore city and baltimore county. we have an accident in harford county. abington road. on beltway at frederick road, that's the outer loop. traffic is building in both directions but no incidents just yet. pretty light for this time of day. back to you charley. people participating in the swim across america event this weekend is an event to raise money for cancer awareness and treatment. they swim as far as they can and one was supposed to be in the bay but due to the run off moving in to meadow brook it's moved to the merchandiseo brook
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aquatic in mount washington. first swim is at 8 and the one that moved starts at 10. for more information or to register, go to swim across it is set up here swm across in the left hand side and you have the the register you to and give now if you want to donate or however you see fit. swell across if you plan to have canteloupe as your breakfast, you may want to hold off on eating that. coming up, why the center for disease control wants you to pass on canteloupe after a deadly bacteria was found. ups wants you to get your package on timech the program now in place to help customers help keep you happy along the way. you are watching "good morning maryland first and only at 4:30. a live look at the nation's capital. much work to be done on the hill today. we are back in a bit. =f>
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6:-- 4:45. five things to know before heading out. anthony brown will speak. he will give remarks on health implementation in maryland. it starts at noon. first lady michelle obama takes the let's move campaign to maryland. today she will be in hyattsville and make an announcement related to healthier choice and greater varieties for families in restaurants. her hues is -- husband is promoting his new jobs plan to hispanic members of congress. he will speak at the hispanic gala and says it will help latino worker and businessmen by lowering taxes. a service member accused of threaten joe biden has been ordered to be held without bail. a judge determined that justin woodward was a flight risk and danger to the community. and finally, the dubbed underwear bomber made a dramatic entrance into a
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detroit courtroom. reports say that he walked in yelling osama is alive. jury selection in at that case will start next month. breaking news this morning out of japan. a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck off japan's northeastern coast. but no reported risk of a tsunami. no reports of injuries nor damage. the agency says there is no danger of a tsunami from the quake nearly 20,000 people diedor left missing across the northeastern coast after a massive earthquake and tsunami in march. well a health alert to be concerned about. you should look at fruits you have in your house. at least three people died, dozens sick nd by listeria outbreak in canteloupe. linda so is here with where it originated. >> reporter: the bad canteloupe is traced back to colorado. it was shipped a sold to more than a dozen states across the country not here in maryland but states close by like
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pennsylvania, new jersey and new york. health inspectors traced the listeria contamination to the rocky ford region of colorado. three people in new mexico died, and dozens others in several states have been sickened. there's no official recall and the exact source has not been pinpointed. some farmers say they see the it every day. >> we have taken something and made the listeria into a hysteria. >> >> reporter: one canteloupe producer pulled produce from stores as precaution. the fruit has one of two stickers that says product ofusa fronterra produce colorado fresh rocky ford's canteloupe or jensen farms sweet rocky ford. if you have one toss it out. the cdc says one precaution you can take when eating canteloupe is watch the shell and dry it before you eat it. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot.
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time to talk google. google search engine google street view is a roman coliseum but they can find out where you live in street views. it has made for instant sensation. miami woman what you will see is nothing but what's being blurred out. using the car mound cameras street view captures not just people's neighborhoods but all parts of their lives. google says if you prase report to. >> reporter: the problem, the offensive images will go away. when the kid get home from school they are always looking for something to eat. but there's a fine line between the snack and ruining their appetite before dinner. officials say keep them from grazing after school. >> you want to avoid your child from grazing on something until dinner starts. a lot of times they come home from school and grace on potatoe -- graze on potatoe chips and eat half a bag.
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they don't realize how much calories and fat are packed and they don't fill them up. give them something filling and satisfying that can be contained in one snack. >> i think i've been guilty of grazing. health officials say a bowl of hot soup is a great choice or low fat milling with instant breakfast or chocolate with strawberry flavoring is a good option. you planning to take a trip and so there's good news -- if so there's good news. traveling in fall may be cheaper. karen redmond is here to tell us all about it. >> reporter: well, it looks like fall may be a great time to travel. that's because it is in between summer and holiday travel. so aid great time to get a good deal. a survey by travelers website trip adviser found the most common way to get over post vacation summer blues is planning the next trip. and with the right tools, fall may be the ideal time to do it. google flights is the latest online tool to help you find
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and compare fares. and it will direct you to airline sites to book it. southwest and jetblow and air tran are among those that rolled out sales but if you want to take advantage of the fall deals you have to book quickly because many airlines scaled back the number of available seats. abc2 news. and while you are on the trip be sure to get your packages when you return. ups is trying something new to save you from the headache and they are trying to save cash. the my choice membership starts october 3rd and if you a basic member you get a 4-hour window on your delivery date and time. premium members get a shorter delivery windowch the goal is to increase the number of success -- window. the goal is to increase the number of success first attempt delivery. park on a campus is a headache. but at lsu parking is turning into a social media site helping student to avoid the headaches. the parking office created a twitter account telling
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followers when and where spots ray veil. saying the tweets are quicker to update the community. twitter accounts is at 500 followers. burgers, fries and chicken nuggets not what you call the breakfast of champions but call this marathoner mcrunner hoping to raise funds for the ronald mcdonald's house. justin is giving it a strange look she trains for a marathon and eating micky d's at every meal every day for 31 days. >> i am not a healthy eater and never have been. people assume that because i'm runner i eat healthy. no. i eat ice cream, candy fast- food pizza and strawberry banana smoothies. >> she is doing it to raise money for the ronald mcdonald's house. her brother died of brain cancer at 13 years old and it's for a great cause.
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every meal for 31 days while training you are runner. >> i hold back. i am going to be in philly running a half marathon this weekend and yeah, i been trying to hold back and i will go with a double whopper to play equal sharing here afterwards. let me tell you you run a long road race and eat a double whopper remember the triple whopper we worked on a few years ago? the floor director and i had a side bar bet on a football game. long story. 66 this morning in baltimore. 55 cleveland and drop 40s, and 30s across the great lakes. international fall it is down to 26. here's y cold front very distinct line pushing through p.a. and new york and this knot the low pressure snow showing up in ontario. the colder air starts building in. behind this line we will get the push and we will notice that as we head through the afternoon. a line of showers and storms tries to push through this morning through early afternoon. pops to the eastern shore and cloud line will break up
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tonight and tomorrow and we start off clear and cool. a lot of us will probably be in the 40s tomorrow morning. 50s around the bay and we may develop afternoon clouds and have to deal with intermittent clouds into the weekend with the cooler air. 74 today and it's probably going to be a midday high temperature and falling temperatures this afternoon. showers and storms probably not going reach severe limits but there could be small hail because of the push of cold air aloft and reaching us down to the surface. tomorrow 46 with 50s downtown. we are looking at 66 degrees tomorrow's high. and about 68 on saturday. sunday the better day of the weekend with a high near 706789 that's nice and let's -- 70. that's nice and let's go back to the local mcrunner. >> reporter: i wish i was runner. eye tried and it hasn't worked. ritchie highway south wound the ramp to 100 westbound is closed. let's look at our live traffic cameras. 95 at 175, the trip between dorsey and savage not a problem. traffic is still building in
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both directions but pretty light right now. top side of the beltway has light traffic as well. the view from harford road has a little bit of traffic on the outer loop. but no incidents in your way. back to you. a militant attack in afghanistan rocked the capital. this morning scary video to show you of the bombs going off close to school buses loaded with children. and it's hard to imagine dealing with a month of lane. that's the case in pakistan. what the water is doing to the country. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only for you monday through friday starting at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. take a look at this video from the attack in afghanistan. this was the scene after a rocket propelled grenade blew up close to a school bus in
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kabul. you can heart kid screaming. it happened while taliban forces opened fire on several places including the u.s. embassy. oofficial say no children on the bus were seriously injured. in japan 9 people found drifting off the coast are now saying a refugee senter in the southern part of the country where they are being held. japanese coast guard officers discovered the group in a small wooden boat and they said they were from north korean. it's unclear where the 9 people will end up. it's rare for northern korean defectors to sail to japan's coast apt cord together records, they have -- according to their records, there's only been two other cases. heavy rains made a mess in thailand. homes are under water and people are using boats to get around. people further south are dealing with a similar scene. you can see crews have set up sandbags to hold the flood waters back. the interior ministry says the recent floods have left 87 people dead since the end of july. flooding going on in
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pakistan this morning. a month of rain and flooding killed 200 so far. the government says 80% of the crops on one place is ruined. united nations is workinto get food and supplies and they say it affected more than 5 million people total. now "good morning maryland." the search is on for the suspect who say they stole a tanker of gasoline and took it to philadelphia. >> reporter: anne arundel county police are searching for two men in connection with a sexual assault of a teen. coming up, we will hear what police say happened. what is going on at fort dietrich? why people living in the area say the army is behind a big cover-up. >> all that straight ahead on this thursday morning for you. and a great thursday to you. the weekend is well in sight. what is the forecast have in store for us? justin berk give me good news. >> changes. today feels like summer in some spots. we will have the transition and
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we have to deal with this bump in the road before we get there. maryland's most powerful doppler radar latest cluster of storms over frederick losing some of their sting and lightning strikes have been confined to the west. but showers in the past of union bridge and near westminster and towards tawnytown we are watching a more distinct line back west of hagerstown. and more back there approaching frostburg and cumber lan. here's how it looks. hereford zone talked about fog up there. and they have had it the last few moments. 62 by the way. they got hit with the thunderstorms yesterday. and after clearing out above we have got fog developed below for the 100% humidity. st. ann school in annapolis missed out on the rain and nofog for you. you are at a mild 7 # degrees. widespread conditions check -- 77 degrees. wide spree whereby-- widespread conditions. >> reporter: we have an accident in columbia an accident 108 so be aware of that. we are in


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